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WB2IXR/R is an Amateur Radio Repeater located in Yorktown Heights, New York, 40 miles north of New York City. It operates on an output frequency of 147.015 MHz, with an input frequency of 147.615 MHz.

What is a Repeater?

A Repeater is a transmitter and receiver combined together to simultaneously receive and retransmit radio signals. Repeaters are typically located in optimal radio locations, such as on top of hills or towers, to give them wide coverage. As a result, a radio with very low power, such as a portable hand held or mobile radio can increase its range from a couple of miles to 50 or more miles.

Amateur Radio Repeaters are operated by ham radio operators who maintain both the technical and organizational requirements.

The Northern Westchester Amateur Radio Association maintains WB2IXR/R. The repeater is available to any amateur radio operator of Technician class or higher. Regular users are encouraged to become members of N.W.A.R.A. While use of the facility is open to any ham regardless of membership, the repeater has many special functions such as Autopatch (telephone calls through the repeater) which are only available to members of N.W.A.R.A.

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For more information about WB2IXR/R and N.W.A.R.A. please send e mail to: asniffen@computer.net